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Best meal in Bali @ Sarong. Drink: Passionfruit mint bellini. Appetizers: scallop, “whole squid”, and crispy chicken. Entrée: 8 hour braised beef, pork curry, and fish green curry with a side of green beans. Ending with a sampler dessert plate.

Asia, Malaysia

Malaysia II Day 1: Ottawa – Toronto – Hong Kong – Kota Kinabalu

After 26 hours of non-stop travelling, 3 “breakfasts”, hours of interrupted sleep intermingled with random TV shows, we finally arrive in the lovely city of Kota Kinabalu (KK). But please allow me take a detour to discuss my trip here. Firstly, when we landed in Hong Kong, we were nicely greeted with Asian food galore.… Continue reading Malaysia II Day 1: Ottawa – Toronto – Hong Kong – Kota Kinabalu

Canada, Vancouver

A Different Kind of Waffle

I’ve been wanting to try out Miura’s Waffle + Milk Bar on Main St., Vancouver for a while now. I’ve heard great reviews about it, but also heard it was super busy. I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and was all prepared for a long wait. To my surprise, the restaurant was awfully quiet… Continue reading A Different Kind of Waffle

Canada, Vancouver

Calamari – “Done the Right Way”

I’m quite impressed by the Vancouver Chinatown scene nowadays. There has been quite a few new, cool restaurants in the area. I went to try another - Torafuku, the other day. Again, it was a modern, fusion Japanese concept. There were booths and a communal table as well. Everything was tapas style so we ordered… Continue reading Calamari – “Done the Right Way”



We wanted to grab something quickly for a late lunch the other day and we had to be in Chinatown to pick up something anyway, so we decided to go the Ginza Ramen. This quaint little place is a very simple restaurant located at the west end of Chinatown (or China Street…because it is literally… Continue reading Simplicity

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A taste of home

So, I went to the T&T Supermarket (I believe the only Chinese chain supermarket in Ottawa) the other day and had a very hearty BBQ duck/chicken meal enough to feed a family. Big mistake. Wouldn’t do it again. Half way through I wasn’t actually even enjoying it anymore. Portion control is very important. If you… Continue reading A taste of home