Canada, Vancouver

A Different Kind of Waffle

I’ve been wanting to try out Miura’s Waffle + Milk Bar on Main St., Vancouver for a while now. I’ve heard great reviews about it, but also heard it was super busy. I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and was all prepared for a long wait. To my surprise, the restaurant was awfully quiet today, perhaps because it was Thanksgiving morning or perhaps because they have another location on Davie St. now, so it diverts away some traffic. Regardless, I am very happy I did not have to wait. I was really looking forward to their Waffle “Sandos” or sandwiches. I had to choose one of their popular choices: the “Hoisin” as recommended by my friend, who has been there before. She chose the “Baja” for herself. Then for the drinks, they also had very special drink choices ranging from bubble tea, milkshakes, yogurt drinks, slushies to cocktails unfortunately named “Bubble Cocks”. My friend chose their Monkey King (PB and banana) shake and I had their Red Bean shake. I am generally a fan of red bean and I become a big fan of the shake. Unfortunately, the straw is a bit too thin for my drinking pleasure as it was quite difficult to get the thick milkshake into my mouth, otherwise, 2 thumbs up! Then it was time for the waffles! It definitely smelled and looked delicious. First bite reminded me of a Banh Mi (vietnamese sub), actually, the second, third and forth bites did too so I don’t know why I had to emphasize the first bite. This resemblance was definitely because of the pickled carrots and radish and the fresh cilantro. Embedded inside the waffles was the hoisin pork sausage. The fact that the meat was embedded in the waffles blew my mind. My only critique would be that I did not really taste the hoisin sauce, which was actually quite alright with me because it was so tasty anyway. For a unique casual experience, I would absolutely recommend Miura’s Waffle Milk Bar! Next time, I would like to try their dessert waffles!

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