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Wakefield: A Quick, Quiet One-Day Getaway

The Inspiration I’ve been listening to Jay Shetty’s podcast and was intrigued by all of his tips on how to live a more purposeful life. One of his practices which really caught my attention is him setting aside a weekend for him and his wife every 30 days to put away their devices and just… Continue reading Wakefield: A Quick, Quiet One-Day Getaway

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Montreal 2.0: Day 4

Today, we were finally able to have a relaxing, sit-down breakfast. The restaurant we went to was Universal Déjeuner, which served traditional breakfast items. I had a lighter breakfast with cottage cheese and fruits as well as a poached egg on toast. It was alright. Not the best breakfast place I’ve been to.  Light breakfast… Continue reading Montreal 2.0: Day 4

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Montreal 2.0: Day 2

It was a miserable, rainy day, as we headed over to the Atwater Market for some exploration and a light breakfast. It reminded me of Granville Island in Vancouver or the Byward Market in Ottawa. There were many shops selling various meats, cheeses, seafood and other goodies. We stopped at a bakery for some croissants… Continue reading Montreal 2.0: Day 2