Ichiran Ramen
Asia, Japan

Japan 2.0: Day 8 (Tokyo)

We were craving ramen again and we really wanted to try Ichiran Ramen this trip, so we figured that having this first thing in the morning was a good idea. There is usually a long line for this famous chain, by going first thing in the morning, we were able to get seats for the 4 of us quite easily. Ordering was simple, you can order your ramen at the vending machine and then bring your tickets to your assigned cubicle. This is a meal for one, so expect to focus on your food instead of socializing with others. ...Continue reading

Hiroshima-style Yaki and okonomiyaki @ Takohachi
Asia, Japan

Japan 2.0: Day 6 (Kinosaki – Osaka – Kanazawa)

A good day begins with a good breakfast, and we did not have to go very far, as breakfast is served at the ryokan. We headed upstairs to the banquet hall to be greeted with a table full of food once again. It was a traditional Japanese breakfast with its staple miso soup, rice, a raw egg, nori (seaweed) and fish. There are also various pickles and sides, a fish cake patty, a western-style salad and a pillowy tamago. Don’t forget the simple boiled tofu in the nabe. For drinks, we were served both a baby glass of milk as well as some green tea. It was a nice way to start the day, making me wish that all my days started with such a wholesome breakfast. ...Continue reading

The autumn foliage @ Kinkakuji

Japan 2.0: Day 3 (Kyoto)

It was a sleepless night for most of us as we were jet-lagged. We set off early at 8am to begin our journey in Kyoto. We wanted something quick and easy, so we stopped by Matsuya for some breakfast. Because I just had the traditional Japanese breakfast yesterday, I decided to have the beef and egg rice bowl instead. It was alright. Definitely not the best gyudon I’ve had. ...Continue reading

Cheese chicken galbi @ Alirang

Alirang: Best Korean Food in Ottawa

Featured image: Cheese Chicken Galbi @ Alirang I am extremely happy that the most popular Korean restaurant in Ottawa, Alirang, now has a second location. In the past, I would often forgo its downtown restaurant because I did not want to wait for a table during their busy dinner hours. Now I can easy walk… Continue reading Alirang: Best Korean Food in Ottawa

Chinese, Quickie Nom Nom

Quickie Nom Noms: Gong Fu Bao – Now serving both familiar and new tastes.

Featured image: Beef brisket bao and the classic maple BBQ pork bao @ Gongfu Bao  Having had some Gongfu Bao back in their food cart days at Confederation Park, I was pretty excited to hear that their shop on Bank Street has open. The shop itself is not super big but the decor is very interesting with… Continue reading Quickie Nom Noms: Gong Fu Bao – Now serving both familiar and new tastes.