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THRU: A One-of-a-Kind Dining Experience

We finally had the chance to visit THRU, a "concept restaurant" within Atelier. I had such a fun time at Atelier that I’ve been meaning to come back to check out this new addition. I had heard that it was almost impossible to get tickets. Apparently it is usually sold out the moment the tickets… Continue reading THRU: A One-of-a-Kind Dining Experience

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We recently checked out a new brunch spot in Ottawa - Eldon's. This restaurant replaced Pomeroy House, which we have previously blogged about (RIP). Eldon’s prides itself on serving local ingredients and create zero food-waste which means they change their menu depending on which ingredients are seasonal and available.  Location/Ambience It is located in the… Continue reading Eldon’s

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Table Sodam: A Cute Korean Establishment in Old Ottawa South

Those who have been reading this blog probably are aware that I am a huge fan of Korean food. I often get Korean food cravings and recently, I’ve really been enjoying Table Sodam. Location/Ambience This is a relatively new restaurant in Old Ottawa South. They started as a catering business called Table 85 on Bronson… Continue reading Table Sodam: A Cute Korean Establishment in Old Ottawa South

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Wakefield: A Quick, Quiet One-Day Getaway

The Inspiration I’ve been listening to Jay Shetty’s podcast and was intrigued by all of his tips on how to live a more purposeful life. One of his practices which really caught my attention is him setting aside a weekend for him and his wife every 30 days to put away their devices and just… Continue reading Wakefield: A Quick, Quiet One-Day Getaway