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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 24: Kota Kinabalu

We’re taking a road trip today to Kundasang, “the New Zealand of Borneo”. We were all looking forward to some family time in nature. But first, food. We quickly grabbed a quick bite from the hidden food court of Imago mall before heading off for the day. I had some soto from Soto Satu. Soto was described to me as the pho of Malaysia. This particular soto had mild flavour. I was told there are better ones in town.

It definitely is more of a hassle to travel with a baby, requiring us to pack a lot of her sleeping supplies last minute after her nap. But we did it and we were finally off! It was a rainy day and the roads were treacherous. I had motion sickness for most of the ride and my gravol was too far away to reach so I just stuck through it. 2.5 hours after, we made it to our lovely accomodation – Ausvilla – in Kundasang. There were 3 large rooms with plenty of space for extra mattresses (and a crib).

For dinner, we had hotpot as well as some extra dishes ordered from the restaurant on site. We had the sweet and sour fish, fried calamari and curry chicken. They were ok in taste. I much preferred our homemade steamboat extravaganza thanks to our auntie and her family! After dinner, I tried some durian ice cream and the famous Milo drink for the first time! We then played a few rounds of epic jenga before heading to bed. Others stayed up to play more gin rummy.

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