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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 25: Kota Kinabalu

Good morning, Kundasang! Our time here is short and after a breakfast of mee goreng from the restaurant (unremarkable) and fried mee hoon by our auntie (comforting and simple breakfast), it was time to check out. It was one of our travel companion’s birthday, so we head to share a cake (plus a few cake slices of other flavours) from the Coastal Coffee Club (purchased from KK), before heading off. We tried the tiramisu, rose and yam cake. I was particularly impressed by the yam cake, which was made with real yam.

Just because we’re checking out doesn’t mean our adventures in Kundasang is over. First stop, we head over to Desa Dairy Farm for some ice cream and cow viewing fun. Here, you have the opportunity to buy grass and milk to feed the cow too. The milk comes in a baby bottle, so it’s quite adorable. The ice cream was very creamy and it would’ve been nice to enjoy this in the outdoor seating while looking at Mount Kinabalu. Unfortunately, it was a very foggy day so there wasn’t much to see. There was also pizza here which looked and smelled really good but we had other plans for lunch.

Next stop, we head to Mountain Valley Resort for some lunch. Again, it would have been beautiful to see the mountain from here but the fog continues. Regardless, we enjoyed a lovely lunch here. I had their pasta, which was surprisingly delicious. The other dish I would recommend here is the mee goreng mamak here, which was very flavourful. Although we didn’t see much of a view here, we spotted a bunch of rabbits running around in a nearby attraction. The baby was excited so we must visit.

It was a quick <5 minute drive away to Marisini Recreation Park but it was raining at this point but we’re here so might as well pay the cheapo entrance fee and spend some time with the rabbits. We stayed mostly in the covered area as it was raining pretty hard. We had some feed for the rabbits so they all joined us (except for one who wanted to just sit out in the rain). To be honest between the minefields of rabbit poop and muddy, wet rabbits, it wasn’t a very enjoyable experience but an experience nonetheless. Because of this, we head off shortly back to Kota Kinabalu.

Luckily, the baby decided to sleep most of the ride back. Combined with me prophylactically taking Gravol, it was a much more enjoyable ride back to KK. We did make one pit stop at the local market and I was intrigued by their logan (in which is hard to find good ones in Canada). I was advised I should get the ones on the branch and not the singleton ones. I later found out that the produce here is actually not local and most are from KK. Oh well. The logan was pretty sweet (compared to the sour ones I’ve had in Canada). The baby really enjoyed it too!

That evening, we were invited to a party at one of our auntie’s place. Apparently it was a birthday party for one of our cousins! It was huge party with many guests and another feast with some Vietnamese food ordered from Gariana, steamboat self-serve option, satays, a whole roasted goat and other various dishes. Little baby had a fun evening dancing so she passed out on the way home.

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