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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 23: Kota Kinabalu

This morning, we had breakfast plans with one of Aaron’s cousins but in our usual fashion, breakfast turned into more like brunch. We went to Ho Kee Fish Noodle Soup. The fish soup was very flavourful and fully packed with various fish parts and tomatoes. I had the kon lo mee which was noodles mixed with soy sauce. I think you’re supposed to eat it with the soup as there wasn’t much to it.

The traffic was heavy and it took us a bit to get back to the Airbnb. It was nearing the Lunar New Year and everyone seems to be out and about. We put the baby to nap and got some errands done around the home so it was a pretty chill afternoon.

Aaron’s friend is also visiting from Canada, so we decided to meet up for some early dinner at a nearby roti canai place (Aaron is still on the search for the best roti canai in town). Our company is vegetarian so we thought roti would be a good option as this can be served with vegetarian dahl. Aaron used his basic Malay skills and ordered some roti and curry for us. We somehow ordered 6 roti and 5 bowls of curry for the 3 of us. Luckily the portions were small but there was no way we could finish all the chicken curry between the 2 of us meat eaters. The roti was nice and fluffy though so we soaked up as much of the curry as we could. Aaron decided to order more roti and dahl but it came with another portion of chicken curry! And somehow they ran out of dahl and he also ordered the roti kaya for dessert but they presented us with some fried balls instead. It was a bit chaotic but a good experience nonetheless with good food and good company.

Later that night, Aaron’s cousins invited us to karaoke night in Imago. We joined once we put the baby to sleep and stayed until closing. It was full of fun times, lots of melon soju, temporary hearing loss, and surprisingly great chicken wings!

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