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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 22: Kota Kinabalu

Day 2 in Shangri-La. We had an relaxing morning, sleeping in and having a late breakfast at the restaurant on site. We had the option of breakfast at the Horizon Lounge or at Cafe TATU but we chose the Cafe since there seems to be a lot more options. The lounge did provide table side service whereas the cafe was a buffet. They had a Malaysian food section, curry station, noodle station, western food section and even a Korean food section. They also had a pancake/waffles station and egg station outside. I was surprised there was Korean food so I had to try that; however, I was disappointed. The beef was very tough and the flavours of the kimchi were unremarkable. The Malaysian food was better but not as good compared to the ones we’ve had in Le Meridien. The thing that pleasantly surprised me here was the pancake with sugar and peanuts made fresh at the pancake station! It reminds me of the pancake snacks you can get on the streets of Thailand. I got it when it was freshly made so it was so crispy! After that, we took a walk around the resort and even checked out the little clown fish aquarium which was only a few tanks but it was a nice walk there. It was a hot day so what better time than to go take a dip in the pool before we had to check out. We received late check out so we could relax a little in the lounge for their afternoon tea before heading off. The coffee was nice but the kaya toast was a little disappointing.

We got a ride home with the cousins and they were feeling peckish so we shared some 4Fingers chicken, a Korean-style fried chicken chain here. I was impressed by the flavours and it sure was addictive. There is also something with the processed cheese they put on their fast food fries here. It’s so yummy – such a guilty pleasure.

One of Aaron’s aunties was having a BBQ tonight so we were off again before long. There was a lot of traffic by this time and we also input the wrong address so it took us 1.5 hours to get there! Luckily, it was a big party so there was plenty of food still left when we were there. There was curry, grilled fish, noodles, BBQ goat, sausages and chicken wings. Little baby had a lot of fun with all the attention from her aunties and uncles that night. But alas, it was time to head home to bed.

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