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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 21: Kota Kinabalu

This morning, we finally had the chance to eat at I love Yoo! downstairs in Imago. I’ve been eyeing this place for a while now. They serve congee, soy milk and fried Chinese donuts. Reminds me of our Taiwan trip. Aaron and I both had the congee donut set which came with a cup of cold soy milk as well. In addition, we got some sweet tofu pudding and KK style rice noodles to share. It was a good meal. I enjoyed the tofu pudding the most. It was so smooth and perfectly sweet.

Last night, we booked an impromptu 1-night stay for today at the Shangri-La Tanjung Aru resort. We figured it’ll be a nice getaway. The Lunar New Year is coming up so we thought we should relax before things get busy. Check in was 3pm so we arrived around 4pm, got settled and checked out the water park before they closed at 6pm. They had pretty nice facilities. There were a lot of recreational options. They had a games room, an indoor children’s play area, waterslides, various pools and even a water balloon fight station. They had lots of lounge chairs around the pool but it was busy and mostly full of people. We did manage to snag two. They had a promotion on today offering free coconuts for those who sign up for the Shangri-La Circle. The little baby wasn’t keen on the kiddy slide, probably because she did a 180 degree turn on the way down – oops. It was almost time for sunset so we rinsed off quickly and headed to the sunset bar. They had different seating options here – with the most expensive seats in the house with front row seats to the sunset on nice sofas. There was a minimum spending amount to sit in this area. We just picked regular seats and still got to enjoy the nice view. Although the clouds were dense today, so we didn’t get to enjoy too much of a sunset. The drinks and snacks were mediocre in taste.

Because we had booked a Horizon Club room, we had access to the lounge. They had cocktail hour from 5-7pm so we wanted to check it out before it was over. They had various non-malaysian sweets and snacks. They were ok in taste. We also had some cocktails which were again not spectacular. The space was nice though and we enjoyed the ambience of the outdoor seating area.

For dinner, we ordered room service. I had the oxtail asam pedas and Aaron had their wagyu burger. We didn’t have much in terms of wine options but we both got their house red wine (a shiraz) which paired well with our meals. The food was actually not bad, for hotel food. Mine was a bit heavy so it got too much by the end. The accompanying pickled veggies and shrimp chips, however, were unremarkable. Aaron’s burger was not bad but definitely not the best wagyu beef I’ve had (AKA the ones we had in Japan). Overall, we had a pleasant meal and all in the comfort of our hotel rooms in bathrobes. That’s a win!

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