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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 20: Kota Kinabalu

It was Sunday and more relatives were in town so we went out for a family dim sum @ Lok Tien. They were very busy when we got there, so we were grateful that others in our party arrived early and got a table already. Actually there were so many of us, we took over 2 tables in their outdoor dining room. They also had an air-conditioned indoor area but it was smaller. The baby finally got to meet her even younger baby cousin. The dim sum here was quite good but I think I preferred the dim sum at New WK more. The Singaporean noodles had more “wok hei” at that restaurant.

After dim sum, we headed back to the condo and after resting for a bit, we hit up the gym. Even though it was a Sunday, there wasn’t anyone there, which I had no complaints about.

We were running of swimming diapers for the baby, but we didn’t have the time or energy to go pick up some from the baby store in town. We had checked Imago mall previously and they did not have any. They appeared to be only sold at specialized baby stores, such as Baby Wonderland. Here’s the cool part. We were informed that here in Malaysia, you can just order things via Whatsapp with the store, pay by QR code and then get GrabExpress to deliver it! It was amazing! We even got to redeem our points with the store we accumulated during the last time we bought the crib from them. We paid the same price as in store and the grab fee was only ~RM10 (~$3)! What a deal and oh so convenient for busy parents and more more economical than options in Canada (such as Instacart).

After a quick shower, both the baby and her great grandfather woke up from their naps, so we headed to Imago mall for some shopping and to enjoy the Lunar New Year festivities. We checked out the center stage area of the mall. They also had a lucky draw and red envelope redemption with any spendings of over RM100 but the line-ups were too long so we didn’t bother. We later realized that this redemption is only valid on the date of purchase. Oh well. Still not worth it as the opportunity cost of waiting in line is too high. We also saw the beginning of the lion dance performances which was happening twice daily on weekends and daily on weekdays. They went outside of the mall to complete the rest of the act but we decided to pass as it was getting late and it is time to feed the baby and her great grandfather. 

Great grandfather wanted to have seafood dinner at New Luyang Restaurant so his wish is our command. Even though he’s 93, his mind is very sharp as he was able to direct Aaron there. Here, we had yet another seafood feast! What else do you do when you’re living on an island? Here, we had steamed fish, dry butter prawns, steamed prawns, We even got to try the clams, which apparently you need to be cautious about since you can get really sick (as in hospitalized) during red tide season!

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