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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 11: Kota Kinabalu

Baggage status: Baggage status: 1/3 in Tokyo?, 1/3 in Incheon, 1/3 in Toronto?

This morning, we decided to get some dim sum at New WK Restaurant. They were pretty busy and the parking lots was almost full but we were able to get a table. Parking is so interesting here where you have to buy a scratch card and then scratch off the appropriate time and date. Such an analog system. The dim sum was pretty good. And they had different than your usual options such as century egg dumplings (theme of the trip?). They salty egg bun is also not commonly found in dim sum restaurants in Canada.

After dim sum we headed out for some coffee at Lumière Coffee Space. Their usual storefront is under renovation so they just had a very cute temporary space and limited options. I had the iced cappuccino and Aaron their espresso. It was next to a daycare, so we can see the parents coming by to pick up their kids one by one. Here we tried paying with Grabpay for the first time. It was actually quite easy. You just had to load up your wallet which was instantaneous and then scan the QR code of the merchant and type in the amount and pay. It’s definitely more cumbersome than Apple Pay but it’s nice not to have to rely on cash either when travelling.

Iced cappucino

After coffee, it was almost time for dinner. Aaron’s grandfather wanted seafood so we ordered using Grab. The most popular restaurant with the highest ratings as well as has items we were looking for was Welcome Restaurant (the same seafood restaurant we ate at the other day). We decided to try things we haven’t tried the other day, including fried squid, fried rice, steamed tilapia with some garlic veggies. Their menu is definitely more limited on Grab compared to at the actual restaurant. A lot of the items were unavailable. It was still a very tasty meal and it came relatively quickly ~30mins when they had promised it’ll come in <50 minutes.

Seafood takeout from Welcome Restaurant

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