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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 5: Kota Kinabalu

Baggage status: Baggage status: 1/3 in Tokyo?, 1/3 in Incheon, 1/3 in Toronto?

Similar to yesterday, we had some breakfast at the hotel restaurant again. I decided to change things up and had some beef noodle soup instead. It was actually quite tasty. I also had some pastries and toast with kaya which was great with coffee.

After breakfast, we again headed to Gleneagle Hospital. Here, we talked to the specialist and heard the best news. Baby’s great grandfather is getting discharged! It is New Year’s Eve today he gets to go home and celebrate with the whole family. 

We went back to the hotel and placed baby down for a nap before heading out for a quite lunch date. (Don’t worry, we had family watching the baby.) We finally got to eat a meal at a local laksa restaurant! We were both very excited. The portion sizes were perfect, the soup was tasty, the drinks were cold, and the prices were so affordable! The only critique would be the drinks (teh tarik ping and kit chai ping) were too sweet. We should have asked for less sweet (kurang manis) or no sugar (tidak gula) even. We walked along the marina on our way back to the hotel.

As it is New Year’s Eve, so we head Aaron’s grandfather’s to celebrate with the whole family. Little baby had fish, rice and soup and the rest of us enjoyed a lovely hotpot and BBQ meal. There was a lot of interesting food I’ve never tried before, such as the century egg dumpling and cheese-filled fish cakes. We were grateful for all the food and were stuffed by the end of dinner. Baby was asleep by now so I also took a nap while watching her. Then it was back to the hotel we go. Happy New Year, Everyone!

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