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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 19: Kota Kinabalu

This morning, to continue our self-pampering before the Lunar New Year, we got our hair done at Albert’s Saloon at KK Times Square. Apparently, the stylist here is Aaron’s mom’s cousin. As it is approaching the Lunar New Year, they are also charging a surcharge on the price of their hair cuts so the pricing is quite comparable to those of Canadian salons. The hair washing and scalp massage experience is definitely much superior though. I forgot how amazing it was to get my hair washed in Malaysia. Aaron’s mom just got her hair washed and styled and they spent so much time and it only cost ~$15. This is so much more affordable than a blow-out in Canada.

Once we got home, a nice auntie brought over some kueh which is the term for various traditional snacks mostly made out of glutinous rice. I preferred the savoury ones with fragrant ground peanuts inside.

For lunch, we wanted a quick meal, so we returned to the hidden upstairs food court at Imago mall and had some noodle soup from DE’ Asam Laksa. However, neither of us wanted the asam laksa. I chose the traditional kuey teow soup and Aaron had the Sabah style curry mee. Mine was a more plain soup base with flat noodles and Aaron was a lot more flavourful with egg noodles. It all depends on what you feel like.

Later that evening, we went back to the baby’s great grandfather’s home and had another delicious home-cooked seafood feast. Tonight we had boiled prawns, a type local fern, fried fish, cockles (pre-shelled!), and a really tasty fish soup. We also tried some Sarawak durian and cake after dinner as well. Little baby had so much fun with family, she didn’t want to leave.

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