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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 18: Kota Kinabalu

Time to visit another specialty coffee. Aaron’s pick for the day was Print Cafe in KK Times Square. Apparently, they also had another location named Nature Coffee at Suria Sabah Mall. The concept this cafe was interesting as it was also a print shop in the back. You can also print documents here as there was a station in their storefront for this purpose. I had their iced cappuccino (since they didn’t have any cold brew) and Aaron had their Americano (since they were unable to make him a pour over coffee due to the lack of equipment). It appears they were unable to provide quite a few drinks on their menu today. They also had food items on their menu with waffles and ramen but we didn’t feel like it today. 

We decided to grab brunch at the foodcourt on the top floor of Imago instead. We recently discovered this hidden gem. We had originally thought all the food options were downstairs. My pick for the day was chicken rice with veggies from Hing’s Cuisine. Aaron was intrigued by the fried chicken from Nasi Anje 1 as he saw a lot of other people eating this. It was basically fried chicken with curry on rice. Apparently they started off as a small food truck and now they have multiple locations. Good for them! Both of our meals were very tasty and affordable too <RM10 ($3 CAD). We have concluded the food options upstairs is much superior to the overpriced restaurants downstairs.

While we walk through Imago, we’re impressed by the center stage Lunar New Year display. They have been working on this since we first arrived here and it was quite the production. Aaron appreciated the relaxing instead of cacophonic music and I appreciate the pink display instead of the usual bright red.

After lunch, the ladies decided to impromptu get our nails done at Nail Bar17 at Riverson. We wanted to get our nails done for the Lunar New Year and we’re less than 2 weeks away. Apparently the prices go up as the holiday approaches. This nail salon had a 30% markup this week and then a 50% markup the week after. Later discussions with Aaron’s cousins revealed that the government actually imposed a ceiling on the allowable markups during this time of year. For gel manicure and regular pedicure, it costed around $50 CAD which is much less than what I usually pay in Canada (usually $50 for just a regular manicure). Plus, they spent a total of 3 hours and the nails turned out really well (As I’m writing in the future, we’re 2 weeks out and they’re still going strong). In terms of the spa aspect of it, it wasn’t so much of a spa treatment compared to what I’m used to especially with the pedicure but that is ok. I just wanted to get it done by hour 3 as I was getting bored. I regretted not pulling out my phone before my manicure started and just watched some Netflix. I was so impressed that my technician spoke Cantonese, Hakka, Mandarin, English and Malay. People in Malaysia are so multilingual! Since it’s the holiday season, they gave us some bunny gift boxes for good luck. Inside, there were some White Rabbit candies, which brought back childhood memories and a couple other little cakes.

Now that our nails are all pretty, it was time to rush to dinner at an auntie’s house. It was her birthday and she had prepared a feast for us! After lots of food and family time, we called it a day.

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