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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 17: Kota Kinabalu

This morning’s breakfast was simple. I just had some peanut butter toast at home with the baby.

We discovered a children’s indoor playground in Imago so we let her play a little there before her nap. It was only RM25 (~$8 CAD) for the whole day with in and out privileges, much more reasonable than the Canadian prices (>$20 CAD). While at the mall, we also got some shopping done. They had a variety of stores here. We picked up some baby snacks at the baby store Little Me and some Chinese children’s books from the book store Popular. I also managed to find a cute Lunar New Year dress for the little one from the large department store here, Parkson. 

Kids’ indoor playground in Imago Mall

For lunch, we ate some a lovely home cooked meal including ingredients from the farmer’s market. We had steamed fish and vegetables with rice, which appears to be a staple meal here. 

Steamed fish and veggies meal

After the filling meal, we cleaned up around the house and waiting for baby to wake up from her nap. 

After that we headed over to the Kopi Ping Cafe by Gleneagle Hospital again to wait for baby’s great grandfather as he had a procedure today. While we were waiting, we had some kaya and butter toast (typical afternoon snack) with some iced kopi cham (mixed coffee and tea) for me and iced kopi tarik (pulled coffee). We also snacked on some banana chips that the baby was able to consume.

Kaya toast and Kopi Cham

For dinner, we had another home-cooked meal, including fried fish (again acquired from the farmer’s market), spinach and star-shaped okra-like vegetable with rice. What a nice way to end the day.

Fried fish and veggies meal

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