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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 16: Kota Kinabalu

Another day, another cute coffee shop to visit. Our choice of coffee shop for the day was Nook Cafe. They had a breakfast menu here. I had the salmon bagel and Aaron had the full breakfast including eggs, chicken sausage, smoked salmon, sautéed mushrooms, chili, toast, and salad. 

Afterwards, we checked out the pool at the condo complex with the baby. She seemed to enjoy the water and didn’t want to leave.

Although, must leave we must, as we had dinner plans at East Coast Food Court – our first (much delayed) hawker stalls visit for this trip! There were so many stalls and food items to choose from. I didn’t even know where to start. so I just ordered some Tiger beer and let the rest of the group order what they wanted and we all shared everything family style. Here, we had the grilled stingray and fish. Many satays including pork, chicken and lamb. Best satays on this trip so far, as expected. The noodle soup here was also very good. The pan fried dumplings were delicious. The chicken wings were flavourful. The fried noodles had so much “wok hei” – the flavours of stir frying with a very hot wok. We also had the clay pot rice which was tasty as well! Nothing was bad at this food court! This is the type of food I come to Malaysia for! Authentic, local, and tasty!

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