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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 15: Kota Kinabalu

Today for breakfast, we ate some of the buns we bought at the market the other day. I had the pandan one. Pandan is such a popular flavour here so I had to try this one. It was pretty good fluffy bun with a crispy exterior (since we reheated it in the airfryer here).

We mostly hung around the condo this morning and an uncle brought over some special roast duck for us for lunch so we made some rice and veggies to go with it and had a lovely lunch at home.

In the afternoon/evening, we spent time with Aaron’s grandfather and enjoyed a lovely home-cooked meal for dinner with a whole boiled chicken as the star of the meal. Another auntie also bought some delicious satay for us to try and it was 1000x better than the dried jerky-like satay we had the other day from Souled Out.

Boiled chicken, fried fish and satays with a humongous bowl of satay sauce

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