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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 30: Kota Kinabalu

This morning’s cafe of choice is October. We’ve been to another branch earlier this trip after our Vietnamese lunch. Loving the rustic decor of the place. We ordered our usual coffee choices and also a Korean street toast and bulgogi wrap. I was really impressed with the food here. It’s so tasty and reminds me of eating street food in Myeongdong in South Korea. They had asked if I wanted to have cinnamon on top of my coffee and I agreed, but I later regretted it. I think I prefer my cappuccino plain. The little baby had a good time charming the Korean patrons at the table next to ours.

After the baby woke up for her nap, we went downstairs to meet some family friends at the Upper Star Restaurant serving diner food. We already had food so we just sat down for some drinks instead.

After a quick meet up, we head over to Suria to pick up my new glasses as we received a call last night that it was ready for pick up. We also had to pick up a new diaper bag since the zipper of our current one is totally broken. This isn’t the first time one of my bags broke during a long trip (flashback to my time in Vietnam, when my suitcase broke.) While here, we picked up some kaya balls (delicious) and peanut waffles (pretty good). I was also lured in by the smell of corn while we were waiting for our goodies so I had to order some too. Big mistake. It was terrible and tasted really bad. Wouldn’t recommend. Before we left, we had to pick up some more groceries to cook for the baby.

After having figured the baby’s dinner, we also had to figure out our dinner. It was late now (9pm) so we did not have a lot of options in and around the mall. We were craving Korean food and wanted to order takeout from the Silla Korean Restaurant in KK Times Square but their kitchen was closed for the night. I had also Whatsapp them earlier but they didn’t reply until after 9pm telling me their kitchen was closed. Luckily, we found Happy Cheese Smile, which was described as a “snack” restaurant. They basically served various versions of Tteokbokki, the Korean rice cake snack. We ordered the “Happy” one, the cream sauce one, the noodle one (Rojebokki). They were also almost closing so our options were limited. They were nice enough to take our order though. We waited outside and enjoyed some live music from Souled Out while we waited for our food. We now understood why people would go to Souled Out. It was more for the music and vibe than the food itself. (See our bad experience with their food here.) As a last minute find, the Happy Cheese Smile food isn’t that bad. Even though it’s “snack food”, it’s quite filling. We could’ve figure out what the fried stuff on top of the “Happy” one was. It looked like fish skin but when you bite into it, it was more like tapoica. The noodle one was what we expected – instant noodles with Tteokbooki. My favourite version was the cream sauce one.

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