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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 29: Kota Kinabalu

This morning, I was excited because we’re heading out for some soto! I saw a very delicious-looking bowl of soto on one of Aaron’s cousin’s social media posts, and she promised to take here. The restaurant was called Restoran Sri Rezeki in Inamam. Apparently this area had a lot of great restaurants. It was a quick 20 minute drive from our Airbnb. It was a simple “kopitiam” set up, with simple chairs and tables with an open store front concept. We sat down and as we waited for the others in our party to arrive, the servers appeared anxious to take our order. (As usual, they would immediately hover by your table and hang around until your order is taken). I ordered a lemon teh ping kurang manis (iced lemon tea less sweet) and a fried chicken soto. Their rojak is also a popular dish here with the peanut sauce on noodles instead of just various fruits (which is usually not my favourite). The service as usual is quick and our food arrived quickly. It was super tasty, as promised! And the portion sizes were perfect. Even the rojak is excellent! It made me really want to come back to this complex to try the other food options. (Spoiler alert: we never got the chance to :(.)

After breakfast/brunch, we went back to the Airbnb to put the baby down for the nap. I then took a quick Grab ride and joined the cousins for some shaved ice at Brown Cafe Gaya Street. It is a very cute cafe situated inside lobby of a hotel. We shared the chocolate and condensed milk shaved ice and both were very tasty. It’s good we shared because it would be way too much for one person.

After being stared down and given some passive aggressive comments from some incoming patrons looking for a table, we decided to head over to Suria to do some shopping. Here, we saw many people waiting in the atrium for some kind of performance but after waiting for around 10 minutes, nothing appeared to be happening, so we continued on our shopping journey. We stopped at a optical store called Robert. T 1994 Optical to check out some frames. I later found out that it was one of the multiple optical stores with the same name in the mall – so confusing. I fell in love with a frame and decided to go ahead and impulse buy a pair of new glasses. Even with the more expensive thinner lens, it only came to around $100 CAD so it was a good deal. They initially checked my prescription using a machine in the storefront but it didn’t seem to be super accurate so they brought me to the back room to do a proper exam. The service was great and they even helped me clean my old glasses thorough and re-aligned it. They were very patient and had to readjust it a few times. It said on the sign that it would only take 30 minutes for a pair of new glasses but apparently that was not true and they said they’ll call when it’s ready – likely in 2 hours or tomorrow. I got the text that the baby is awake so I rushed home. On my way out, I saw that finally the lion dance performance was starting. I feel bad for the people to was waiting so long for this. I accomplished so much while they were waiting (AKA bought a whole new pair of glasses).

Little baby was getting bored at the Airbnb so I brought her downstairs to Imago Shopping Mall to stretch out her legs. She was not a fan of the stroller today so it was a challenge between watching her toddle and having to carry her in my arms through this busy mall. It was the weekend, so the mall was busy. I wanted to bring her to one of the children play areas but there were too many people. The pandemic has made me averse to crowds so instead we walked around the mall to areas which were less busy. She want a snack but I just noticed there weren’t any benches or areas to sit here. So I bought a milk tea at Jing Tea and sat down with her. This didn’t last long as she actually didn’t want a snack and wanted to walk around instead, so I chugged my milk tea and moved along. We walked to the front entrance where there was a traditional dance happening but baby wasn’t a fan of the loud noises and I wasn’t a fan of the crowd so we just walked by and went outside to check out the Lunar New Year decorations by the water fountain display.

It was dinner time so we went back upstairs and got her dinner ready. We were invited to Aaron’s cousin’s house (read mansion) for a lovely homemade meal. It was a feast with curries, banana leaf sticky rice, fried goodies and spaghetti. For dessert, we had jackfruit. We discovered the baby was a huge fan of this and kept asking for more! Before long, we headed off and tried our best to make sure baby didn’t smell like jackfruit before tucking her into bed. (FYI, we tried, but she still smelled like a jackfruit. Oh well.)

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