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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 28: Kota Kinabalu

It’s been a very busy week with all the holiday festivities so we were looking forward to a relaxing, chill day today. We started the morning with some coffee and breakfast at Flow Coffee. It was a lot busier today but we managed to find a table in their outdoor seating area. There weren’t many choices in terms of coffee shops as it was still the Lunar New Year holiday here in Malaysia. A lot of businesses are closed until Wednesday with the 2 days of statutory holiday. Our best bet is to go to restaurants and coffee shops at hotels.

Speaking of which, we had lunch plans at Hilton Urban Kitchen with some relatives we have yet to see yet this trip. It was a lovely time with good food and even better company. We shared a few of the appetizers and they were all very good. I especially liked the tempura shrimp and the beef tacos. For my main, I had the tofu ramen which was on the lighter side in terms of flavours but again, I wasn’t craving something too heavy. Aaron had their Maldivian curry made with vegetarian chicken and it was surprisingly tasty.

After lunch, we went back to the condo to put baby down for a nap and when to the gym while waiting for her to wake up.

It was then time to send off the baby’s uncle at the airport. I almost forgot about this everybody in the family eating at Mcdonald’s and send off tradition. After lots of hugs, tears and photos, it was time for farewells.

It was getting late so we head back home and feed the baby dinner. Parenting forces you to multitask, so while doing that, we ordered some dinner on our phone. Tonight, we decided to just make our lives easier and ordered Domino’s Pizza. Although we have Domino’s in Canada, they had some special flavours such as the cheese tarik spicy sambal, which we ordered. We also had more traditional flavours such as Hawaiian but here, they used chicken instead of pork. We walked over to pick up the order but unfortunately, they messed up and allowed someone else to pick up our order. Good thing Aaron checked the order before walking away. Within 5 minutes though, they were able to get us our order, which was suspicious since it would’ve been impossible for them to bake another one so quickly. We later deduced that the Grab driver who took the wrong order probably came back with our order so we were given sketchy cold pizza… We were not impressed. But we were hungry and tired so we decided to just heat it up and eat it. It was ok. I appreciated the cheesy crust and I enjoyed the sambal and anchovies. I didn’t really like the Hawaiian pizza though and Aaron and I thought that the crust in general isn’t as good as that in Canada. For sides, we thought that the cheesy bread was good but the garlic twist was a miss. Overall, it was an ok meal – 6/10. Wouldn’t order again.

It feels weird to be home and not at a party at this hour but I think the baby appreciated because she was ready to hit her crib by 10pm, which is much more sensible than 12am but still much later than her usual bedtime.

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