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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 27: Kota Kinabalu

Happy Lunar New Year! Today’s the day. The biggest celebration in many parts of Asia. It’s the day you wear nice, new, traditionally red, clothes, where the young, single people get to collect lucky money and of course where everyone get to enjoy a nice feast.

We started off the day with a quick breakfast with some kaya toast before heading out. Then it was time to get dolled up and ready to go. Today’s celebrations will be held at Aaron’s grandfather’s once again. This year, we will also be celebrating his birthday in advance at the same time. When we arrived, there were already many people there. Apparently, since the pandemic, the celebrations have decreased in size but it was still a significant turn out compared to what I’m used to growing up with my small extended family in Canada.

There were tables of food already in place, many of which are catered but some were home-made. There were various curries, rice, noodles, veggies, halal and non-halal food fit for everyone’s palates/beliefs.

It was time for baby’s nap and we tried for a long time to put her down but since she was too distracted by all the festivities, she was unable to nap. We fed her lunch instead.

After mandatory family photos and birthday cake cutting, we figured it was a good time to sneak out to give baby a quick car nap, since it was already close to 6pm now, 5 hours past her usual nap time. It was successful! We’re glad she was able to recharge a little since the celebrations were ongoing.

When we got back, there was karaoke, more food, mixed drinks and of course, gin rummy. It was getting late but we had to make one more visit to an auntie’s house before calling it a night. Little baby enjoyed some kitty-petting time while we were there.

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