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Malaysia Trip 2022/2023 Day 31: Kota Kinabalu

This morning, we had plans with the baby’s great grandfather for brunch at KKIA Sup Ikan. It had both indoor and outdoor seating. It was a hot day we sat in the indoor air conditioned room. Outside, there were multiple food stalls apparently owned and operated independently of this restaurant. They even had a takoyaki stall. I had the tomato fish soup and Aaron had the Tom Yum fish soup. You can choose the toppings and I had the fish belly while Aaron chose the fried fish. For our noodles choices, I had the mee hoon noodles place directly in the soup while Aaron had the kon lo mee (soy sauce dried noodles) on the side. Aaron’s Tom Yum soup was definitely a lot tastier. Once he was done, I dipped my noodles in his soup since it was so good, Tsukemen style.

After brunch, it was time to put baby down for her nap. While she did that, we were busy cooking her lunch before hitting the gym for a quick workout. There was someone in the gym who appeared to be hacking her lungs out, so I decided to step out and finish my workout with an outdoor walk instead.

After that, we quickly grabbed a few more essentials in Imago while baby was entertained by her aunties and popos. It was only now that it hit me that we are leaving here soon, so we shouldn’t buy too much. This realization made me a bit sad. It’s already day 31 but it also seems to have gone by so quickly.

For dinner, we wanted to try our luck at Silla again. On our way there, the lion dance performance was happening but we couldn’t finish watching it as little baby was too afraid so off to the restaurant we went. The restaurant was pretty full when we arrived. Most of the patrons appeared to be Korean so we took that as a good sign. We were offered a seat outside. The menu was pretty large, we ordered a few BBQ items, namely bulgogi and samgyapsal (pork belly), as well as the bibimbap, japchae and pajeon (green onion and seafood pancake). They apparently were out of bibimbap and recommended the kimchi fried rice instead. The food was pretty good and better than what we can get in Ottawa but not as good as what we had in Seoul. I especially liked the japchae and pajeon. They claimed that the BBQ would take too long to do outdoors by ourselves so they cooked it for us. I didn’t mind because I don’t like working when I’m eating. The pork belly came out on a sizzling plate and was really good but the bulgogi was a bit disappointing. Perhaps that would have been good to cook ourselves as we had such a good experience in Seoul. Because they were so busy, the service was extremely slow tonight. We were given a service bell but we had to ask a few times for things. The boss was very apologetic about it and was super friendly. Overall, pretty good food but would rate it higher if the service more efficient/effective.

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