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Malaysia II Day 14: More Bali Adventures!

Today we selected the American breakfast instead with eggs, toast, bacon, sausage and tomato. Again this is served with watermelon juice and watermelon and papaya slices. The portion sizes were not large, just one small piece of each of the bacon, sausage and tomato, unlike the portions I’m used to in Canada (*cough* Baker St.… Continue reading Malaysia II Day 14: More Bali Adventures!

Asia, Malaysia

Malaysia II Day 12: KK – Bali

It was another chill day in Kota Kinabalu with some fresh roti canai downstairs for breakfast many thanks for our aunty who is always keeping us well-fed. After some packing for Bali, it was time for lunch again. This time, authentic Indian Malay food at the Fish Head restaurant. We, of course, has to order… Continue reading Malaysia II Day 12: KK – Bali

Canada, Vancouver


Update: This restaurant has permanently closed. I did not and will not give up on my noodle journey in Vancouver. The time, I had Japanese spaghetti at SPAGHeTEI on Robson. I never had Japanese-style spaghetti before but I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed, as this was approved by my favourite fellow foodies (try saying that a… Continue reading SPAGHeTEI!

Bar Food

That sauce

Over the weekend, we went to the new Barley Mow in Westboro (Ottawa, ON, Canada). We were looking for a nice place to enjoy the beautiful weather and we heard there was a rooftop patio. We have been to the other Barley Mow locations in the past but the experiences I’ve had were not that… Continue reading That sauce