Bar Food

That sauce

Over the weekend, we went to the new Barley Mow in Westboro (Ottawa, ON, Canada). We were looking for a nice place to enjoy the beautiful weather and we heard there was a rooftop patio. We have been to the other Barley Mow locations in the past but the experiences I’ve had were not that memorable. I hear the pub in general serves a good brunch but have not heard much about their dinner menu. It was a Saturday evening so we were afraid there was no space but it was not busy at all. We easily got seating upstairs in the patio. The menu is pretty extensive with items ranging from salads, sandwiches, burgers and other pub favourites. I was deciding between their Caprese Chicken Pasta and Marinated Beef Wrap and finally decided on the beef wrap. How delighted I was to have made that decision when the food arrived. The beef wrap was definitely a must-try. The perfectly grilled filet mignon pieces were encased in a delicious tortilla along with juicy mushrooms, crunchy onion straws, refreshing arugula and diced tomatoes, creamy cheddar and jack cheese and chipotle mayo. The highlight of the whole wrap was the amazing sauce/marinade. It was just really rich and tasty. I did take a few bites of Aaron’s Kale and Beef Salad, which was good according to Aaron, but I was so distracted by my wrap to really comment. FYI, there was also a special that night for $20/bottle of wine which we did not take advantage of. Maybe next time! Given the nice patio and the delicious Marinated Beef Wrap, you will most likely find me here again.

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