St. Martin/St. Maarten

SXM: Trip Reflection


Named the “friendly island”, I unfortunately was slightly underwhelmed. Maybe I set my expectations too high but compared to Costa Rica and Portugal, I did not find the culture overly friendly. Don’t get me wrong, people were nice but just not overwhelmingly so. One thing I would commend them on is the driving; definitely very friendly driving. The people here are also very laid back. As an island with both a Dutch and French side, I can see the difference in the culture. The Dutch side is definitely more lively and laid back.


Perfect. Hot but not suffocating. Not humid but enough to allow my skin to be eczema-free without moisturizing. No rain. Just spitting.


It is difficult to practice my embarrassing French when everyone can speak and understand English here. I will try harder next time.

Top food picks

  1. Lobster Thermidor – Bistrot Caribs
  2. Runway punch (I think) – Sunset Bar
  3. BBQ – BBQ place at Shoal Bay

Top sights

  1. Watching huge planes take off and land at Maho Bay
  2. View at Pic Paradis
  3. All the beaches were beautiful… Can’t choose.


  1. First trip with Aaron as husband and wife
  2. First time kayaking as a means of transportation and not just for the sake of kayaking
  3. First stay at a penthouse condo
  4. First time sailing on a huge catamaran
  5. First time eating lobster thermidor

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