Bun bo hue @ Pho Tuan

Pho Tuan: An underrated Vietnamese Restaurant in Ottawa’s Chinatown

Featured image: Bun bo Hue @ Pho Tuan One of the first things I noticed about Ottawa’s Chinatown was the immense number Vietnamese restaurants. We might as well rename it "Vietnamese town". It seems that on every block there is at least one, if not more, Vietnamese restaurant. It can get confusing since most seem to… Continue reading Pho Tuan: An underrated Vietnamese Restaurant in Ottawa’s Chinatown

Special occasion

Atelier: get ready to have your mind and taste buds blown.

Life is full of wonderful surprises. In the midst of my birthday week, my friend happened to need to give away a reservation at Atelier last minute. This restaurant has been on my list of restaurants to check out in Ottawa for a while now and I was more than happy to take over the reservation. This one-of-a-kind restaurant in Ottawa is #60 on Canada's 100 Best in 2017 (with a impressive standing of #19 in 2015). It offers as 12-course tasting menu which changes regularly. If you want to explore the world of molecular gastronomy, where science meets food, this is the place to be.

Asia, Malaysia

Malaysia II Day 15: Bali – KK

It was time to say our goodbyes to Bali, but before doing so, we needed to have another mie goreng/nasi goreng breakfast. We learnt during breakfast that everyone here has only a few names to choose from based on their order of birth. Our driver is called Ketut, so we know he was the fourth-born. After… Continue reading Malaysia II Day 15: Bali – KK

Asia, Malaysia

Malaysia II Day 7: Touring around KK

After a full day of R&R yesterday, it is time for some exploring! We have a full day of activities planned for us starting with dim sum. It was all very typical Chinese dim sum. I tried some new things like a bun with egg yolk in the middle and some old favourites like xiao… Continue reading Malaysia II Day 7: Touring around KK

Italian, Special occasion

For a Special Occasion

For a TGIF date night, Aaron brought me to North & Navy. It is located where the previous Beckta was and Aaron was extremely intrigued by the fact that we have been to both restaurants at the same location now. He thinks it’s rare to have been to two different restaurants with the same location… Continue reading For a Special Occasion