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For a Special Occasion

For a TGIF date night, Aaron brought me to North & Navy. It is located where the previous Beckta was and Aaron was extremely intrigued by the fact that we have been to both restaurants at the same location now. He thinks it’s rare to have been to two different restaurants with the same location and of the same calibre. He has made reservations but they are really busy that night and we ended up having to wait at the bar for a bit. The good thing is that they have a very unique cocktails menu so I ordered their 39-41 while Aaron had their orange and egg white cocktail. I really liked my cocktail and I believe there was gin, radler, lemon and mint it in. There menu is not up to date on their website so I cannot get the exact details/names of the drinks. 

As an Italian Restaurant with a modern twist, they have their cicheti, primi, antipasti, secondi, and dolce courses. 5 courses would have been too much for me. We decided to share a bunch of dishes. As our cicheti, we had the devilled egg with caviar. It was just half an egg so my quarter of an egg was not enough for me to really appreciate it. I would recommend not sharing this. We then had the farfalle with corn and it was delicious! The sauce consists of bacon, making it extra fatty and rich. We also had the risotto with peas which was alright. It was too sour for my taste. With our new found love for beef carpaccio, we had to order this. Unfortunately, it was not as good as the one at Churchill’s. Again, it was on the sour side. Next, we had their Flatiron (steak) with Fried Salami and Sunny Side Egg. This was very well done. The steak and egg was just a perfect match. At one point, I took a bite of both of them together and it reminded me of chinese sausage for some reason. Don’t ask me why. The side of vegetables (?kale) was also very tasty. For dessert, we had their Baicoli and Coffee and tiramisu. Both were very high quality. The baicoli was soft and matched perfectly with the very good quality coffee (according to Aaron, the coffee expert). The tiramisu was very nice and fluffy. 

Overall, some amazing dishes, with some other not as special dishes. I would come back only for a special occasion given the type of cuisine.

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