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Malaysia II Day 7: Touring around KK

After a full day of R&R yesterday, it is time for some exploring! We have a full day of activities planned for us starting with dim sum. It was all very typical Chinese dim sum. I tried some new things like a bun with egg yolk in the middle and some old favourites like xiao… Continue reading Malaysia II Day 7: Touring around KK

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The Essense of Stinky Tofu

Yesterday, we went to Ottawa’s Asian Fest. This is the first time they held it at the new Landsdowne Park and it looks like it is a huge success; The turn out was quite impressive. Caution: as soon as you enter Landsdowne park, though, you will appreciate a very strong, fermented, and many say, unpleasant… Continue reading The Essense of Stinky Tofu