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What’s Happening in Ottawa?: Capital Ukrainian Festival

Featured image: Perogies heaven @ Capital Ukrainian Festival. Ottawa is truly the city of festivals. Since we are encased in snow for half the year, we like to make the most out of our summer months filling it to the brim with festivals. In this series named “What’s Happening in Ottawa?” we will explore the various… Continue reading What’s Happening in Ottawa?: Capital Ukrainian Festival

Food festivals

Food overload!

It’s been a while since I blogged. My apologies. I haven’t been too adventurous with my taste buds lately - until Saturday that is. What happened on Saturday, you might ask? It was the Ottawa Food Truck Rally, of course! I have always wanted to go to food truck festivals but have always managed to… Continue reading Food overload!

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The Essense of Stinky Tofu

Yesterday, we went to Ottawa’s Asian Fest. This is the first time they held it at the new Landsdowne Park and it looks like it is a huge success; The turn out was quite impressive. Caution: as soon as you enter Landsdowne park, though, you will appreciate a very strong, fermented, and many say, unpleasant… Continue reading The Essense of Stinky Tofu