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Malaysia II Day 7: Touring around KK

After a full day of R&R yesterday, it is time for some exploring! We have a full day of activities planned for us starting with dim sum. It was all very typical Chinese dim sum. I tried some new things like a bun with egg yolk in the middle and some old favourites like xiao long bao, which was one of the best I ever had by the way. 

We then went to see the Upside Down House, where there is literally a house which was built upside down. All its contents inside are all upside down as well! It was an ok attraction lasting only less than 15 minutes but Aaron’s thinks it’s such a good investment opportunity to build a similar house in Canada to attract tourists, perhaps to build one in Niagara Falls where there are a lot of visitors already. His bubble was bursted when he found out one already exists in Canada and more specifically, in Niagara Falls! Worst of all, its ratings aren’t even too good. 

Next we head to a random suspension bridge and went for a brief walk while passing by a smelly market. Next up, the Risa Ria Shangri-La Resort. I was surprised the people in the front were ok with us just walking around to check out the place. Next it’s coconut time!! I had the coconut pudding served in a coconut and Aaron had the burnt coconut. They were both amazing. Best coconut I’ve ever had and it was just in a roadside shop. 

It was time to head home for a quick break before we headed off again. We opened up the durian that we picked up last night in a random parking lot from some man selling fruits from the back of his truck. It was dark when we selected the durian and unfortunately, we picked a bad one. It was already super pricey since it was not in season (50 MYR or ~$17 CAD), plus most of the fruit was rotten. We were very disappointed.

Next, we drive to the Kokol Haven Resort up on the hills to check out the “best view of KK”. Unfortunately, it was a foggy day so no view. We did catch a glimpse of it on the way down though. We then had dinner at another Chinese seafood restaurant. Our meal consists of glazed fish, oyster omelette, fried fish roe and a delicious fish soup. The omelette and fish soup were definitely the highlights of the meal. All that food enough to feed 7 people for a cost of ~$45 Canadian. 

We quickly dropped by the pharmacy before heading home and it was here that I realized that they have a million “skin whitening” products, from face creams to toners to body lotion to everything possible that you put on your skin! This is only found in Asia where fair skin is still the ideal for beauty standards.

Overall, it was a very eventful day spent with great company, especially two very cute, and well-behaved little cousins.

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