Canada, Vancouver


Update: This restaurant has permanently closed.

I did not and will not give up on my noodle journey in Vancouver. The time, I had Japanese spaghetti at SPAGHeTEI on Robson. I never had Japanese-style spaghetti before but I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed, as this was approved by my favourite fellow foodies (try saying that a few times) – Kevin and Lena. The meal started with a amazingly tasty green garlic bread. The green was apparently due to the spinach incorporated into the garlic butter. I could not taste it at all, which was good, but it did give a very interesting colour! For the spaghetti, I chose their Mentaiko. How can I not, given it is “The Only Spaghetti Originally Born in Japan”? It was a marinated roe sauce served with shrimp, mushroom and seaweed. What a light, delicious sauce with a perfect combination of toppings. I only had the small serving this time but wouldn’t hesitate to get the regular serving next time! Other great choices suggested by my fellow foodies were the double meat sauce, white sauce and tomato cream sauce. Overall, very delicious Japanese-style spaghetti for those of you who want to try something a little different.

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