Asia, Hong Kong

Asia Day 1: Ottawa – Toronto – Hong Kong

We had a great start to our day, first by avoiding extreme surcharges on our Uber by waiting merely a few minutes, then bypassing a long line up at the airline's bag drop counter due to our attempt to travel carry-on only. It was a smooth ride to Toronto's airport only to find that the… Continue reading Asia Day 1: Ottawa – Toronto – Hong Kong

Asia, Malaysia

Malaysia II Day 5: Wedding Celebration Kadazan Style

It was an early start to a long day as we had to wake up early to clean up our room for photos and to get hair and make up done. The makeup artist was very professional and super detailed so it was many hours of sitting but at least I got to listen to… Continue reading Malaysia II Day 5: Wedding Celebration Kadazan Style

Canada, Vancouver


We were in Chinatown, Vancouver and wanted to get a quick bite to eat, so my brother suggested a new fusion noodle place - Fat Mao. I was immediately impressed by the modern decor and open kitchen concept of the place. Another interesting point was the Japanese manga influence as there were manga lying around… Continue reading Noodles!



We wanted to grab something quickly for a late lunch the other day and we had to be in Chinatown to pick up something anyway, so we decided to go the Ginza Ramen. This quaint little place is a very simple restaurant located at the west end of Chinatown (or China Street…because it is literally… Continue reading Simplicity