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Malaysia II Day 5: Wedding Celebration Kadazan Style

It was an early start to a long day as we had to wake up early to clean up our room for photos and to get hair and make up done. The makeup artist was very professional and super detailed so it was many hours of sitting but at least I got to listen to my Spotify during the whole process, which made it much more enjoyable. Our reception was supposed to start at 1pm but apparently, it’s normal that some guests start wandering in at 10:30am. We were all feeling the pressure. I quickly got changed and rushed down to greet the first guests. I was then reminded to quickly grab a bite because I would not have time later to eat. I was hesitant to eat because it may ruined the makeup already applied but I listened to the advice anyway. I was so grateful that I heeded to that advice because the next time I had a chance to eat a meal was at maybe 7pm that night (I’m not even sure what the exact time was). The catering was delicious – fried chicken, a selection of curries, including pineapple curry (surprisingly delicious!), fried fish, a vietnamese inspired spicy beef noodle soup as a late night snack, which was also very tasty. Mmm I love food. Back to the wedding reception, between my two meals consisted of a whirlwind of handshakes, thank you’s, photos, cake cutting and dancing. It was just funny because a lot of the times, guests would arrive and would not even know who the bride and groom were. Aaron had the groom hat on but I guess that was not suggestive enough. The night ended with the viewing of our wedding video, and karaoke. Then it was time to call it a night after the endless hours of celebration.

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