Canada, Vancouver


We were in Chinatown, Vancouver and wanted to get a quick bite to eat, so my brother suggested a new fusion noodle place – Fat Mao. I was immediately impressed by the modern decor and open kitchen concept of the place. Another interesting point was the Japanese manga influence as there were manga lying around everywhere on the shelves throughout the restaurant. I also appreciated the simple menu with limited items. I had the Dan Dan Noodles, my brother had the Taiwanese Beef Noodles and my dad the Braised Duck Noodles. I have had more authentic Dan Dan Noodles elsewhere previously and was disappointed at this rendition. The veggies did not really work well with the sauce and the soup was not as soupy as I expected; it was a bit on the thicker side. I also tried the broth of the braised duck and it tasted interesting. My brother said it taste like chips. I’m not sure about that. I think my brother had the best noodles out of the three; the beef was good, however, it was still not super amazing. Overall, love the decor and vibe; but not a huge fan of the food. 

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