We wanted to grab something quickly for a late lunch the other day and we had to be in Chinatown to pick up something anyway, so we decided to go the Ginza Ramen. This quaint little place is a very simple restaurant located at the west end of Chinatown (or China Street…because it is literally just a street = Somerset). The menu is equally simple with a few appetizers and a handful of ramen choices. Love simplicity. I went with the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen and Aaron chose the always reliable Miso Ramen. I have had ramen multiple times before but I cannot honestly ascertain the intricacies of good vs. not-so-good ramen. However, I keep eating ramen because who can say no to hot, yummy noodles in a very flavourful pork broth? Oh wait, I just thought of someone who would, but I’ll save that story for another day. I have tried Tsukemen (thanks to tikitang) in Vancouver before, which involves dipping ramen in a separate bowl of concentrated soup and that was amazing. 

Having tried Ramen from Vancouver, Toronto and of course, Japan, Aaron is quite the ramen-snob and he feels that this is the best spot in Ottawa for ramen. He has also been to the other location on Elgin (with a more extensive menu) but he prefers this location. They also serve mochi balls here but I am always so full from the soup and noodles that this does not become a viable option.

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