Asia, Japan

Asia Day 55: Tokyo (Tsukiji Fish Market – Hama Rikyu Gardens)

Photo of the day: Plum blossoms in Hama Rikyu Gardens. Photo credit: Aaron. We decided to see the Tsukiji Fish Market today. We were not up for coming here at 3am to get in for the 5am fish auction, so we just got here for 10am see the intermediate wholesalers area instead. Our point of… Continue reading Asia Day 55: Tokyo (Tsukiji Fish Market – Hama Rikyu Gardens)

Asia, Japan

Asia Day 53: Tokyo (Asakusa – Tokyo Sky Tree)

Photo of the day: View from Tokyo Sky Tree. We went for a ride along the Ginza Line to the terminal station of Asakusa to explore this area today. Looking through Foursquare recommendations, the place to eat here is Asakusa Unatetsu, a restaurant specializing in Eel or Unagi. When we arrived, there was surprisingly no line.… Continue reading Asia Day 53: Tokyo (Asakusa – Tokyo Sky Tree)

Canada, Vancouver

Calamari – “Done the Right Way”

I’m quite impressed by the Vancouver Chinatown scene nowadays. There has been quite a few new, cool restaurants in the area. I went to try another - Torafuku, the other day. Again, it was a modern, fusion Japanese concept. There were booths and a communal table as well. Everything was tapas style so we ordered… Continue reading Calamari – “Done the Right Way”


Vancouver, I miss you

Vancouver is home and will always be home. One of things I miss most about Vancouver (aside from my family and friends, of course) is the sushi. I definitely took this for granted while I was there; hence, every time I return I will always have at least one meal of sushi (if not ten).… Continue reading Vancouver, I miss you