Vancouver, I miss you

Vancouver is home and will always be home. One of things I miss most about Vancouver (aside from my family and friends, of course) is the sushi. I definitely took this for granted while I was there; hence, every time I return I will always have at least one meal of sushi (if not ten). Until then, I am left with the sparse options in Ottawa.

One of our favourite sushi restaurants in Ottawa is Sushi Umi. This cute establishment hidden in the sea of restaurants and shops on Wellington, is a must-try for good sushi in Ottawa. We started our meal with juicy, perfectly grilled beef ribs. In the words of Aaron: “These are just so good. I don’t understand why they are so good.” With our red meat craving satisfied, we begin our sushi splurge. For nigiri’s, we ordered the maguro (tuna) , sake (salmon) and tamago (Japanese egg). For rolls, we had their “Spicy Salmon” and “Yummy” rolls. Their nigiri’s were decent sized (compared to Vancouver’s ginormous nigiri’s at certain restaurants – *cough* California Sushi and Samurai Sushi *cough*), with relatively good quality fish, as expected from them. The tamago was huge! It looked quite different than the usual artificially bright yellow, rectangular brick of egg that you would expect to see. It was very tasty with the perfect amount of sweetness. The “Spicy Salmon” was yummy as expected and had just the right amount of kick. The “Yummy roll”, on the other hand, was a bit disappointing. We both prefer raw fish when we are eating sushi and we did not know that all of the fish would be cooked in this roll. For those who do no eat raw fish; however, this will be a great option.

The items were on the pricey side (especially compared to Vancouver prices). The entire meal was ~$60 before tips for the two of us which was comparable to an All You Can Eat (AYCE) meal here; however, Aaron, being the food snob that he is, will always prefer to go to an a-la-carte restaurant to an AYCE one for the better quality food and the guilt-free experience (not having stuffed ourselves). Overall, I will definitely return here as one of my go-to sushi spots. FYI: they also do take-out!

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