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Vancouver: Korean Desserts Obsession

After returning home from Korea, we have been longing for some good Korean desserts. Our opportunity has finally arrived once we set foot in Vancouver. My favourite place for Korean desserts would have to be Snowy Village. There are multiple locations in Greater Vancouver: Vancouver, Richmond and Coquitlam. They must be doing well because they… Continue reading Vancouver: Korean Desserts Obsession

Asia, Malaysia

Best meal in Bali @ Sarong. Drink: Passionfruit mint bellini. Appetizers: scallop, “whole squid”, and crispy chicken. Entrée: 8 hour braised beef, pork curry, and fish green curry with a side of green beans. Ending with a sampler dessert plate.

Asia, Malaysia

Malaysia II Day 11 – New Year’s Day in KK

A very chill 1st day of the year, as we got out of bed at around 11am given the late night last night. Aaron’s aunty was nice enough to prepare some home made lunch for us consisting of fried fish curry, an okra-like vegetable, stir-fried squid, stir-fried shrimp and BBQ duck. It was nice to… Continue reading Malaysia II Day 11 – New Year’s Day in KK

Asia, Malaysia

Malaysia II Day 10: New Year’s Eve in KK

New day. New adventures! Well, no real adventures today. We had a late start to our day and had brunch at OldTown Coffee. Apparently their kaya and butter toast is the best so I got an order of that. I was also told their white curry is also good, so I had that with macaroni… Continue reading Malaysia II Day 10: New Year’s Eve in KK

Asia, Malaysia

Malaysia II Day 6: R&R in KK

It was a full day of R&R after all the previous festivities. We mainly stayed at home and ate. There was also a never ending supply of pastries including a Malay version of 鹹煎餅, egg tarts, and an assortment of sponge cakes. We also had some local instant noodles - Maggi, which was as tasty… Continue reading Malaysia II Day 6: R&R in KK


NYC Day 3: Food and Shopping Galore!

Some of my friends wanted to check out the rest of the tourist attractions before leaving, so it’s the perfect time for me to enjoy some time with food. I looked up the best breakfast place in the financial district where we stayed and came across The Brooklyn Breakfast Food Truck. Unfortunately, it was not… Continue reading NYC Day 3: Food and Shopping Galore!


“Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo” and the hilarious store hours sign @ Honey Town Translation: Normal opening time: 11:30. If I sleep in: 12:30. If on vacation: closed. If too busy hitting on girls: closed. Normal closing: 22:00. Many ladies: 23:00. Hot ladies: always open. All men: early closing.