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Malaysia II Day 6: R&R in KK

It was a full day of R&R after all the previous festivities. We mainly stayed at home and ate. There was also a never ending supply of pastries including a Malay version of 鹹煎餅, egg tarts, and an assortment of sponge cakes. We also had some local instant noodles – Maggi, which was as tasty as instant noodles should be. At lunch, I tried a ginger, rice wine and egg soup which was supposed to be good for menstrual cramps. It was sweet and really not bad given I’m not a fan of ginger! We also booked airfare for a few short trips while we are here and was not impressed that there is a “credit card processing fee” to book online with a credit card. The only way to avoid this fee is if you use the airline affiliated debit card. Monopoly much. It was a Sunday so it was nice to see the aunties, uncles and cousins all stopping by at some point during the day. 

Most of the family had another wedding to attend so we went out with a couple out of town guests for dinner at the local seafood restaurant – Deep Sea. Since we are on an island, I was excited to finally have some seafood. It was a full on Chinese seafood restaurant where you can see the fishes and crustaceans live, then choose how you want to cook them. For starters we were given some pickled papaya to excite our taste buds. Then for the main dishes we had “buttered” shrimp – which was not really buttered but more like shredded dried egg like the ones we had the other day, crab, steamed fish, and garlic clams. It was delicious but a very messy ordeal. Good thing they had 4 hand washing stations on site. Apparently the food here is not as good as it has been in the past and the prices are also quite inflated.

After dinner, we ventured to grab some dessert. Hoping to get some “Just Berries” nearby and realizing that it has closed down, we went to the 2 story high YoYo instead. I was super excited about cheap Asian dessert but disappointed because 1. They were sold out of a bunch of items which made ordering a pain 2. They had paper and scanner system which picked up on some of our orders wrong 3. Worst of all, the desserts did not even taste good. I had a huge bowl of mango pudding which I was excited to share with everyone but realized it tasted artificial and not even like mango pudding. I also had Aaron’s milky tea which did not taste good. These two items were highly rated according to Foursquare so I am quite doubtful of the other items here. 

It’s been a while since we stayed out so late but it’s time to wind down again. We return home to a pack of dogs just roaming around the front yard. It’s so different from during the day while only one (BoonBoon) hangs around and sits quietly beside us. As someone who is afraid of dogs, I always feel like they can sense it because they like to come up really close to me while I tremor.

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