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Malaysia II Day 11 – New Year’s Day in KK

A very chill 1st day of the year, as we got out of bed at around 11am given the late night last night. Aaron’s aunty was nice enough to prepare some home made lunch for us consisting of fried fish curry, an okra-like vegetable, stir-fried squid, stir-fried shrimp and BBQ duck. It was nice to have some tasty, home-made meals rather than going out all the time. 

After lunch, we headed off to the mall, Suria, a huge 8 floor complex. I was so excited about the fact that there were 8 floors but was disappointed to find out there are only stores on 4 of the 8 floors. Before a long afternoon of shopping, we needed some fuel. So what better fuel, than to have some “Just Berry” desserts. We ordered a papaya with “snow ice”, logan, and mango. I give it an A+. The papaya was perfectly ripe and the accompanying fruits and toppings matched well, except for the logan – it was too bland compared to the rest of the assembly. We checked out the stores, which cannot be found in Canada – e.g. G2000 and Uniqlo. There was also an interesting promotion where if i you bought packages of Maggi noodles, they will make you some on the spot with fresh ingredients for free. I really wanted it as it smelled so good but we had dinner plans. I’d have to say the service is lacking here though. It took the sales people at G2000 more than 30 minutes to complete one transaction when there was no line up. As such, we were late for dinner at one of Aaron’s aunty’s house. 

It was a delicious quite-Westernized meal including tomato cuttlefish soup, roasted chicken, green salad, a very tasty grapefruit salad and ending with poppy seed cupcakes and some local fruits. This has been the most American meal I’ve had all trip and we also had some nice company.

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