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Malaysia II Day 10: New Year’s Eve in KK

New day. New adventures! Well, no real adventures today. We had a late start to our day and had brunch at OldTown Coffee. Apparently their kaya and butter toast is the best so I got an order of that. I was also told their white curry is also good, so I had that with macaroni (not noodles). I, of course, had to have that with some hot teh tarik. I was disappointed with with both the toast and curry. The toast is apparently not as good as it was before; however, it still can’t be terrible because there was a huge slab of butter in the middle and it was made with Asian white bread – which if you haven’t tried is one of the best (tasting) breads ever. The white curry tasted just like the Maggi instant noodle packs so I was less than impressed. The teh tarik was tasty but I already got it half sweet and it was still super sweet. 

After a hair cut more appropriate for this hot weather, we head over to the new mall – Imago. It was a pretty large mall with many familiar stores like – H&M, Uniqlo and Esprit. The food court was also impressive with many choices, including Papa’s (for their egg tarts), KFC (with their spicy chicken), City Food Corner (with a million choices), OldTown Coffee (again), and Yoyo (and their croissant). I am, however, least impressed with their washrooms. As a super nice and modern mall, I am once again disappointed that their washrooms are smelly and dirty. I couldn’t even get myself to use it. We had to use the washrooms from the nearby Le Meridien hotel, which was much better and even smelled like mangoes. 

Time flies as it was time to go home for the potluck BBQ NYE’s party! Again, it was a huge feast with the 2 families. My favourite was the ABC and BBQ squid. ABC (short for Air Batu Campur) is a Malaysia dessert meaning “iced beans”. One of the aunties brought the ice shaving machine, in addition to big tubs of red beans, sweet corn, palm fruit, grass jelly, and cendol. You combine all these ingredients in a bowl and top that all off with condensed milk and grenadine syrup and it’s a party in your mouth. The night continued with a constant flow of food, drinks, chatting, card games, and gin rummy, but no one forgot why we were here tonight. As soon as the clock struck midnight, everyone stopped what they were doing to embrace one another and to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Happy New Year everyone. Wishing everyone a happy and fulfilling 2016!

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