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Malaysia II Day 4: Christmas in KK

I woke up not feeling 100% yet but as soon as I ate some food, I started to feel better. Then when one of the aunties showed up with a huge bucket of fried chicken seasoned with curry leaves, I decided I was probably ok. it was Christmas day in KK and that means feast… Continue reading Malaysia II Day 4: Christmas in KK


NYC Day 1: Commuting Adventures

My day started early with a 6am flight to catch, but I really enjoyed having the option to park and fly. I used to hate having to rush down when the taxi/uber got here. I appreciate being able to proceed at my own schedule. The parking was easy to find and the shuttle service very… Continue reading NYC Day 1: Commuting Adventures


Best Cocktails

Update: This restaurant has permanently closed. We have been meaning return to Slice & Co. for the longest time. It is a good spot to grab some awesome cocktails and delicious pizza. We have been here multiple times before, especially when friends visit from out of town. It usually is not too busy in the… Continue reading Best Cocktails


Fly Me to the Moon

Update: This restaurant has permanently closed. A few of us wanted to catch up the other day and since we were all around the Westboro/Hintonburg area, I suggested that we go to The Flying Banzini. I really like the vibe of this, may-I-say, quite hipster place with a great selection of pizzas and and sandwiches.… Continue reading Fly Me to the Moon