Best Cocktails

Update: This restaurant has permanently closed.

We have been meaning return to Slice & Co. for the longest time. It is a good spot to grab some awesome cocktails and delicious pizza. We have been here multiple times before, especially when friends visit from out of town. It usually is not too busy in the winter but very busy during the summer patio months, since it is on the busy Elgin Street. We were pleasantly surprised that we were easily able to get tables on a Friday night this time around, as I was prepared to wait or to go to one of the other great choices along Elgin St.

First things first, their cocktails all have their own twist and I am always excited to try something new. This time, I picked their strawberry mojito which was refreshingly sweet. Aaron had their “Kiwi Krush”, which was interesting… I am not a big fan of kiwi but he seemed to be so yay for him!

For appies, we chose their cheese plate consisting of 3 local cheeses. I wasn’t a big fan of the soft cheese – too goat-cheesy for me. I really enjoyed the other two though. Unfortunately, we never got the introduction to the cheeses so I had no idea what they were. Sorry. The sweet and sour beets were a delicious compliment though.

And of course, we had to order pizza. I actually wanted to order every pizza on the menu but since we can’t, we choose their Italian Beef option. I wanted to venture out and try their white sauce but Aaron wasn’t up for that this time. Maybe next time! They also serve Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza as well! The pizza was really good as expected. The banana peppers definitely had a kick so try not to overload it with Sriracha (which, by the way, is so good with pizza they should really get married. Did you know that Sriracha is made in California? I thought it was imported from Vietnam for the longest time!). The roast beef was more like a jerky though, and I was expecting more substantial beef chunks but that’s just personal preference.

All in all, solid pizzas and cocktails and you would definitely find me here again. They also do delivery and take out!

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