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Malaysia II Day 4: Christmas in KK

I woke up not feeling 100% yet but as soon as I ate some food, I started to feel better. Then when one of the aunties showed up with a huge bucket of fried chicken seasoned with curry leaves, I decided I was probably ok. it was Christmas day in KK and that means feast time! The 2 extended families from Aaron’s grandpa and Aaron’s grandpa’s sister next door joined together and had a huge potluck lunch extending to dinner. The amount of food was endless, ranging from local roti canai with curry to lasagna, pizza and even the traditional Christmas turkey. After food and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, the 2 families just somehow knew to gather around the respective Christmas trees and started taking family pictures. After the pictures was the children’s favourite part – unwrapping gifts! The mountain of presents was enormous – largest I have ever seen, given I did not grow up in a huge family. The festivities continued for the rest of the night until eventually I needed to get ready for bed as it was our “big day” tomorrow!

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