Fly Me to the Moon

Update: This restaurant has permanently closed.

A few of us wanted to catch up the other day and since we were all around the Westboro/Hintonburg area, I suggested that we go to The Flying Banzini. I really like the vibe of this, may-I-say, quite hipster place with a great selection of pizzas and and sandwiches. I was acquainted with this establishment last Christmas Eve and fell in love since.

I really was craving eggplant and a new menu item caught my eye, so I decided to go for it. “Fly Me to the Moon”, it is called. It is a panini with italian sausage, pickled eggplant, jalapenos, both provolone AND cheddar (I know!), flavoured with tomato sauce, chipotle mayo and roasted garlic. Can I say delish? Unfortunately, I have yet to escape the ubiquitous coleslaw! It’s everywhere! The portion-size is as a sandwich should be. Great for lunch. Maybe a little small for dinner. You may want to add a salad or soup on the side.

I usually don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I really felt like dessert that day, so I went for the mini-cheesecake and I shared it with one of my friends. The cake arrived and it was 1x2x2cm. Oops. If you want a guilt free dessert enough to satisfy a minute craving, this is it! To be honest, my half bite of that bite-size cheesecake was not enough for me to comment too much on the taste. Maybe next time, I’ll be adventurous and try a full one.

They were not too busy so we were able to sit for a long time chatting and didn’t feel bad for holding up their table. I generally don’t like sandwiches but their sandwiches are so tasty I would definitely come back for more! FYI, they are on Skip The Dishes, so they also do delivery!

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