Canada, Ontario, Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands Cottage Trip: Day 2 (Wolfe Island-Gananoque)

We had a relaxing, lazy morning at the cottage as the weather continues to be wet. We had lovely American breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausages, bagels, croissants and fruits. After breakfast, we were debating whether to book a cruise to Thousand Islands later in the afternoon as previously planned, since there is a risk of thunderstorm. We decided to book it anyway as it was one of our goals for this trip.

It seems like we just ate but we enjoyed some chicken curry and noodles for lunch before heading out to the ferry dock. We arrived at the dock at 2:18pm and were hoping to catch the 2:30pm ferry. There was a long line in front of us, so Aaron did some advanced distance vs. average car length calculation and estimated we were car number 62. The max capacity of the ferry is approximately 55 vehicles. Much to our disappointment, Aaron’s estimate is pretty accurate as we did not make it onto the ferry! There were still ~15 cars in front of us once the ferry was fully loaded, so we had to wait for another hour for the 3:30pm ferry as the ferries are hourly on the half-hour from Wolfe Island to Kingston. We thought it would be challenging to wait around for 1 hour with a baby but we were able to get off the car and walk around so it wasn’t too bad. (Note: we later found out that you’re not supposed to leave the car unattended while waiting in line. Let’s just say Aaron stayed in the car while the rest of us took a walk.) There wasn’t much there but they had bathroom facilities and a chip truck there. Finally, the next ferry arrived and we got on without any issues. Even more exciting is the fact that our travel companions also made it with 1 car to spare!

We were hoping to spend some time in Kingston but given our delay, we drove straight to Gananoque for our cruise with City Cruises Gananoque by Hornblower. There was a cafe and gift shop at the dock. After a brief bathroom break, we headed onto the cruise ship. They had suggested we download their app for the audioguide but I found that unnecessary as they had English narration throughout the cruise. Perhaps if I needed another language, the app may have been useful. It was still raining a bit when we embarked so we sat down on the main deck and enjoyed some beverages and popcorn. We were able to freely move throughout the ship for the duration of the cruise and if the weather was nicer, it would’ve been nice to sit on the top deck. The main deck was accessible but we decided to use a baby carrier instead of a stroller anyway. The cruise was quite scenic and seeing the singular houses on tiny islands never fail to fascinate me despite having seen it in the past. It was a quick 1-hour cruises but I felt it was sufficient to see the islands and not too long to drive an active toddler crazy. It was nice to see the sun coming out at the end of the cruise. It would also be pretty nice to watch the sunset on the cruise but it was only 6pm.

Off we go again and made it onto the 7pm ferry. There wasn’t much of a line up this time (it was now 7pm). On our drive back on Wolfe Island, we were pleasantly surprised with herds(?) of deers in the fields and some crossing the road. We were told to drive slowly from our Airbnb host and slowly we drove as we marvelled at the sight of these majestic animals.

We made it home by 7:30pm. After feeding and putting the baby to sleep, we enjoyed some homemade Malaysian laksa with a nice white wine before calling it a night.

Homemade laksa for dinner!

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