Canada, Ontario, Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands Cottage Trip: Day 3 (Wolfe-Island)

It was another relaxing morning. I naturally woke up at 6:30 am and noticed it was sunrise time. I walked out to the sunroom attached to the bedroom and there it was! I don’t remember the last time I was able to see the sunrise. I have been up at this hour (or earlier) but I never really took the time to look out the window to seek out the sun. (I was probably too busy feeding, changing, or playing with the baby.) It was so nice to enjoy a little bit of quiet time before the baby woke up so I’m grateful I was able to listen to a podcast and do some reading in the sunroom. We enjoyed another lovely American breakfast with omelette made from leftover pizza ingredients, pancakes, toast and fruits. Then we enjoyed sometime in the backyard and I managed to do some blogging.

Sunrise at the cottage

After having a small lunch at the cottage, we went over to the town of the island, Marysville. We checked out their general store to pick up some essentials. We also picked up some baked goods from their bakery. It was nice walking along the Main Street but it was hot today.

After our quick exploration of the town, we unloaded our bikes and went for a bike ride to the western part of the island. My goal was to see the wind turbines up close and we were able to bike within the wind farm for most of our ride. We wanted to also see the Big Sandy Beach but it was a bit far given we had a baby in tow, and the fact that our path was unshaded on this very sunny day. We tried to follow along their recommended bike trial which was basically on the road but luckily there weren’t too many cars. About half of the trial was gravel so I’m glad my hybrid bike was able to withstand the adventure although it was a bit slippery. We looped back and ended our 13km trip back at Marysville to let the baby stretch out her legs at the Ernie Allen Playground. It was more catered for older kids, so shortly after, we were on our way back to the cottage.

There weren’t as many deers out today. We only saw one close to the cottage. As the weather is finally nice, we were finally able to use the BBQ in the backyard. After some sausages, chicken wings and after-dinner wine and cheese, I was ready to go to sleep. Since we stayed on the island the whole day today, compared to the past few days, today felt a lot more relaxing.

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