Canada, Kingston, Ontario, Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands Cottage Trip: Day 4 (Kingston)

Four days flew by and it’s already our last day at the cottage. We had a 4pm check-out time so we weren’t in too much of a rush. So we had the time to enjoy some food, to finish some packing, to clean up the Airbnb and even to allow the baby to take one more nap before heading to the ferry. The baby has become an expert ferry taker now and isn’t phased at all.

Final look out our backyard at the cottage
Last meal at the cottage – curried noodles

Since we had a bit of time, so we decided to do our own little 1.5 hour walking tour of Kingston. First stop: the famous Pan Chancho Bakery and Cafe. Their cafe was closed so we just picked up some baked goods. Next, we walked along the waterfront and took the obligatory photo in front of the Kingston sign. Or the “K_NGSTON” sign since you were supposed to be the “I”. It was a hot day, so what better time than to stop by Mio Gelato to cool down. I had the pistachio and espresso flavours and it was nice and creamy. Next, we had to make a stop at the Kingston Olive Olive Company to pick up some gourmet olive oil. We tasted a few and ended up buying a moderate intensity one. Of note, there was a Kalamata EVOO from Greece – a robust intensity olive oil with a very interesting with a spicy finish. Watch out, it hits you when you least expect it. Definitely unique but probably not for everyday consumption.

After a final charge of the trip at the Kingston Tesla Supercharger again, we conclude our trip to the beautiful Thousand Islands.

Happy travels!

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