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Thousand Islands Cottage Trip: Day 1 (Ottawa-Kingston-Wolfe Island)

As usual, Day 1 is a travel day. We had left around noon from Ottawa. We made a stop the new Kingston Tesla Supercharger (there are 2 at this site) to recharge the car as well for quick lunch at Panera Bread. I had their pick 2 with BLT with avocado and the broccoli mac and cheese. Pretty standard. No complaints. After a quick diaper change for the baby, we’re off again.

Fortunately, the charging cable was long enough to reach the car even with the bikes in tow.

It wasn’t too long until we made it to the Kingston-Wolfe Island ferry terminal. It was a very organized set-up with marked spots and queues onto the ferry. The ferry is free and leaves every hour on the hour from Kingston. We arrived at the perfect time and within a few minutes, we got onto the 3pm ferry without any issues.

Made it on the ferry with bikes. Aaron had to turn on the car cameras to monitor the situation.

We got a perfect spot at the front and had a nice view of the St. Lawrence River. The baby wasn’t a fan of the new ferry experience but didn’t seem to mind it too much after some cuddles and fresh air. After a 20-minute ride, we made it onto Wolfe Island! Due to an ongoing ferry dock rehabilitation project, we arrived at their Dawson Point Dock instead. There wasn’t much at this dock so we just kept driving towards our accommodation at the east end of the Island. The roads seem pretty quiet. First impression: the island was filled with wind turbines, corn fields and many cows.

View of Wolfe Island from ferry.
Beautiful corn fields of Wolfe Island.

After about 20 minutes of driving, we arrived at our Airbnb. It was a spacious waterfront property with a great outdoor space. Unfortunately, the weather was not great today for spending time outdoors. Hope we could enjoy some time outside during this trip.

The spacious living space of our Airbnb.
View from the backyard

After settling in, we made some simple pizza for dinner using pre-made pizza dough from Farm Boy and some simple ingredients. It was actually very good, given we had forgotten half of our pizza ingredients at home! It was a long travel day so we called it a night after dinner.

2 thoughts on “Thousand Islands Cottage Trip: Day 1 (Ottawa-Kingston-Wolfe Island)”

  1. The Thousand Islands are so iconic! Beautiful scenery by boat, and lots to visit when baby gets older. Love your Airbnb…just gorgeous. Pizza looks mighty good too..BTW, if you or Aaron do any running or swimming or biking, the Thousand Islands Triathalon (you don’t have to participate in all 3, can do the aquabike -which Oliver does, or the duathlon -biking and running) is terrific, low-key fun. We’ve been going every year for the last 20 or so (my sister lives in Brockville) and each time the weather has been fantastic. Love your blog, keep it up!


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